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"I wanted to put in a good word for Don's work. We bought 8 of his traps for the ETSU aerial dance workshop a few years ago and as an aerial dancer who appreciates the lightness of a carbon fiber bar, they are really wonderful! The best feature is that the elbow covers velcro so they can easily come off and be washed when they get grungy."

- Jayne Bernasconi



"I will also comment on Don's trapezes - they are fantastic. I am using three of them in a dance concert this week. I rigged some "other" trapezes for a group in January and Don's trapezes are far superior to "brand X" (no need of mentioning the company that made them). Don's trapezes are also made so that you can easily hang a second trapeze below the first. Don's trapezes are light, strong, well thought out, and very well constructed."

- Delbert Hall

ETCP Certified Rigger - Theatre

ETCP Recognized Trainer

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